Reading, Reading, Reading

Reading….reading….reading.  My favorite thing to do.  The one activity that relaxes me and rids me of all my anxiety.  The only activity that gives me a warm, soft, happy, contented feeling in my heart at the very mention of its name.  Reading.  I’m crazy about it.  And I’m not ashamed to say so.

Before I could even sit up, my mom would lay on the ground next to me, hold a book above me and read to me.  I loved it.  When I could sit up, I went through huge piles of books and made up stories to go with the pictures.  I loved it.  When I could crawl outside, I decided to stay comfortably on my picnic blanket with a stack of books while my brothers ran around me on the grass entertaining themselves.  I loved it.  When I learned to read, (which I did rather quickly,) I started reading and reading and reading.  And that’s what I’ve done ever since.  I love it.  I loved it.  I’ll always love it.  At ten or eleven years old I fell in love with the classics.  At five years old I decided to be a writer.  Have I ever changed my mind?  No.

This is what I do.  I read.  I envelope myself in books, in the varied cultures, people, and places.  My imagination takes me out of this world and into another one, and that is where I am truly happy.  A coffee shop, a cozy chair, a porch swing, a soft bed, a trampoline or the green grass are all places where I can and will be perfectly content.  If I have a book.

It’s magic.


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About Elisa

An avid book-lover, an aspiring writer, a motivated over-achiever, an innovative poet, an amateur actor, a lover of hot chocolate and popcorn, an energetic photographer, an inspired blogger, a cheesecake fanatic, a singer and violinist, a sentimental lover of fall, one who walks in rain and sings in the shower, addicted to books and addicted to life.

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