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Watership Down Book Review


Title:Watership Down

Publication Date: November, 1972

Author: Richard Adams

Genre: Classic, Heroic, Fantasy, Fiction, Novel, Animals

Description:  Watership Down is a warm tale of adventure that requires a certain amount of energy, imagination, and patience.  This is a book that moves slowly, with artistic writing, expressive word-choice, and creative characterization that provides you with characters whom you consider as friends.  Author Richard Adams eloquently creates rabbits with their own culture, language, poetry, mythology, proverbs, and civilizations.  Some people may say that this book is slow and boring, being about rabbits.  I believe that you just need to delve into it to appreciate it and learn to love it.  I personally love to sit down in a cozy armchair in the winter and snuggle up to a worn but well-loved copy of Watership Down, which forever remains one of my favorite books. 

Rating: ***** Five Stars


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